Jingle Bell Run in Columbia MO

When Plumbers Run

We’re plumbers, and we love to run. Why? Because not all plumbers have plumbers crack. Not all plumbers fit the stereotype of overweight harry butt cracks. We’re fit, we’re good with tools, we don’t mind a mess, and we love to take part in marathons or fun runs to raise money for all sorts of charities. That’s right, we’re hot and love to give back! So, hang out with us while we go run and represent all plumbers (cracks or no cracks) in efforts to raise money for our countries charities.

Our most memorable charity is, you guessed it, the Jingle Bell Run in Colombia, MO. This is our hometown, and it started off more as something fun to do as coworkers. Well, we had SO much fun we kept signing up for all sorts of other runs until we ran out of them, locally. That’s when we decided to take this more serious and become a real running group- and we started signing up for national runs!

We’ve raised money for autism, cancer treatment for kids, human trafficking, funds to help the disadvantaged get free counseling, and so much more!

Here are our top three fun runs that we will be writing about:

1. Butte to Butte in Eugene, Oregon. This run goes from one “Butte” in town to another. It’s family friendly and fun for all ages.

2. NYC Marathon- we’re working our way to this one

3. As always the Jingle Bell Run. We’re hoping the team at Plumber Springfield MO will be there too!

We can’t wait to talk more about each run and what we learned- and the charities we would love to help raise more money for. Enjoy the blog, and chat soon!